When you need a leap

extremum cloud platform

an integrated solution that provides rapid development of the backend for projects of any scale

The platform offers a comprehensive set of components and tools that simplify creation and operation of freely scalable high-load services for Internet and corporate environment.

you immediately have
  • Cloud Native architecture with dynamic auto-scaling
  • high performance and reliability web APIs with support for REST, GraphQL and gRPC
  • advanced identity management, authentication, and authorization tools with flexible access rules
  • support for various DBMS with the possibility of their transparent combined use
  • ability to manage massive heterogeneous multimedia content
  • multi-language support at the data level with the ability to maintain attribute values in different languages simultaneously
  • a complete set of operational tools for technical monitoring and instant diagnostics
the ability to handle any tasks
  • multi-channel servicing systems
  • systems with extensive online integration
  • Big Data collection and presentation systems
  • data flow processing systems, including those using artificial intelligence
  • content aggregation and distribution systems
  • multimedia services
  • multiplayer video games
  • distributed simulators and virtual reality network environments
  • and much more


enterprise segment

  • large organizations and groups of companies
  • industrial enterprises
  • public sector


mass segment

  • microbusiness
  • freelancers
  • novice startups
  • students


professional segment

  • IT companies
  • high-tech startups


the pricing depends on the distro you use


compact platform assembly without horizontal scaling capabilities

  • compact assembly
  • for smaller installations
  • limited scaling

from 50k₽/month
excluding discounts

full-featured build for use on partner PaaS clouds

  • fully functional assembly
  • for PaaS clouds
  • horizontal scaling

from 100k₽/month
excluding discounts

full-featured build
for any infrastructure

  • fully functional assembly
  • for private and hybrid infrastructure
  • horizontal scaling


use our client-side libraries and programs to develop and manage your backend easily

extremum saves you tens of thousands of man-hours and relieves your team of sleepless nights


use our guides and examples to develop and maitain your system

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